My name is Dee Wooley a 2.5 year breast cancer survivor. I was invited to come and speak about the program Reach to recovery through the American Cancer Society for a breast cancer support group in Richmond, Ky. This same night Katya was here to speak about smoothies. She fixed a blueberry / spinach smoothie. I fell in love with it and the more she talked about what our bodies need for nourishment the more I wanted to know how to eat healthy as a survivor.

I met with Katya we went over some goals and what I wanted out of her. From this point on she sent me lots of information, recipes, went to the grocery store to learn about reading labels and what could be harmful to our bodies, came to our house to show us how to make different meals and juicing . We kept in contact with each other and set up meetings for follow ups.  Since then I have lost over 10 lbs and have so much more energy. I really love the flour-less Chocolate cake…

I have found out that this is a way of life and have learn so much about what to eat to maintain my energy and most of all my health ! Thank you Katya for everything you have done for me and all your support ... (Dee Wooley, Winchester, KY)


I have learned so many wonderful things from Katya.  That first phone call I made to her was the best phone call I have made in a long time.  I would recommend her program to everyone, in fact, I have!  That old saying, you can never have too many friends…I now have gained a new friend…her name is Katya.  I also have gained a whole new healthier lifestyle and outlook for the rest of my life. (Sheila Grove, Richmond, KY)

I’ve been trying to improve my diet for years but kept falling back into my same old habits. I’ve been working with Katya for the past 6 months and finally feel I’m on my way to a healthier happier life. She has provided important information and support directed to my particular health situation and made me aware of the problems of many foods and the benefits of many others. I eat better, I feel better, and I know this is because of her workshops I attended and the one on one relationship of her training program…and also, we had fun! (Karen King, Richmond, KY)

Katya showed me how important it is to read, read, and read the labels before you buy.  I had no idea about the “wood” in bread and how that the food corporation masks that fact.  I always thought that we were eating quite healthy and I can see that we still have a ways to go.  I figured because we grew many of our own fruits and vegetables and preserving them that we were eating healthy.  I learned from Katya that many of the items that I purchase from the store have too many preservatives.  We will try to incorporate more whole foods into our diet now.  We will also try to have a few more meals without mead added to them. (Doris Flynn, Berea, KY)

After only 3 months I have made great strides toward better health.  I no longer drink soda and I was drinking a lot of diet soda.  Even though it was diet I still continued to gain weight.  I no longer drink coffee and I don’t even miss it.  I drink hot tea instead.  I drink lots of water and that helps with my digestion as well.

My Dad was a diabetic so I was really afraid of becoming diabetic myself.  My sugar is completely normal again and I have so much more energy.  I work out every morning and I have plenty of energy throughout the day.  Previous to working with Katya I would have to take a nap sometime during the day. 

Katya is so easy to work with and I really enjoyed our time together.  She listened to my concerns and still does as I email her with questions quite often. She always gets back to me with an answer as soon as she can.  I feel blessed that she came into my life at a time when I really needed some advice and hands on help with my nutrition.  An added bonus!  My husband was totally on board with my new eating plan and now we do it together. (Donna Bowling, McKee, KY)