Health Coaching is for you! I invite you to schedule a FREE initial health consultation with me.

My program takes from three to six months with two 50 minute sessions per month. It’s true, in only three to six months, it is possible to transition to a healthy lifestyle with permanent results. In our sessions we will explore your relationship with food and how it affects your life. An inspiring approach to renew your relationship with healthy food will be developed. We will try amazing new foods and re-examine old foods. Looking beyond food, we will cover a variety of health-related topics.

Most importantly you will get my personal commitment to your health and success with support via e-mail, phone, and in-person. My program’s focus is on smart and sustainable weight loss, increased energy and stamina, and prevention and recovery from chronic degenerative diseases. Hippocrates said, “Food shall be your medicine, medicine shall be your Food.” Heal yourself with wholesome foods and wholesome advice.

working with katya