When I do not feel well

When I do not feel well

Health Coaches have days when they do not feel good as well as everyone else. My kids were sick past week and today I caught up by having similar symptoms of runny nose and sore throat… What do I do on the days like that?

  1. I make lots of herbal tea (camomile, sage, thyme, and mint mix). I have a nice thermos I use to keep my tea warm and drink it throughout the day in big quantities. If I were to go somewhere, that thermos would go with me!
  2. I make sure to give my digestive system a break so that my body does not have to process to much of heavy foods (anything fried for example) and will have more energy to recuperate. Today I had a number of fruits (pomegranate, pear, and tangerines) I also had some boiled potatoes with avocados for lunch.
  3. I do a very gentle yoga / stretch routine to stimulate lymphatic system. It is very important part of our immune defense. Exerciser can increase lymph flow from 4 oz to 60 oz an hour – a change of 1500%! (according to Dr. Eric Mein, M.D.) The more flow the better! But you have to take it slow depending on how you feel.
  4. I open all windows in my house and ventilate rooms for about 10-20 minutes depending on the weather. This is what my mom always did and I do it now to bring fresh air in the house.
  5. I juice if I have a chance. Any greens, apples, carrots… anything I can find in a fringe. Today I had carrots and spinach. The goal is to give your body as many vitamins and minerals as possible in an easy to assimilate form. Juice if perfect for that!

carrot-spinach juice

I did not feel like cooking a lot today, so my kids had to have a very humble meal of steamed cauliflower with peas and seaweed for dinner. I soaked dulse for 3 minutes before chopping it. I also used just a little bit of soy sauce to make it more attractive for children. They ate mostly peas of course, but some seaweed and cauliflower made it to their stomachs as well! They also had bunch of fruits, smoothie, juice, oats, nuts, and rice with veggies today.

kids meal peas













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