Vitamix vs. Ninja Short Comparison

Vitamix vs. Ninja Short Comparison

Eating healthy does not require a blender, but having one makes it sometimes easier and makes it more fun. There are a great variety of blenders on the market, but I would like to focus on two brands for a short comparison today: Vitamix and Ninja. Neither of them had contributed to this comparison in any way. There is only my opinion based on my experience.

Vitamix (5200 Series Blender) costs about $450 while Ninja (Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender) is only about $50. Is it worth paying more to get Vitamix? When I purchased Vitamix there were no Ninja blenders on the market. Before I had a chance to buy Vitamix I used Oster Blender. It did OK blending simple smoothies, but I wanted to expand my options.

Vitamix undoubtedly is more powerful and will blend nuts for sauces and butters better. You will not have to stop it to push nuts back down etc. Vitamin comes with a plunger. But if you want simple a smoothie maker Ninja will serve you just fine. Ninja Master Prep comes with three different containers. You can even store them in the fridge. Vitamix has just one tall pitcher, which you can potentially stick in a fridge as well.

Overall Vitamix is more powerful and going to last longer. It comes with a seven-year warranty while Ninja has only one-year warranty. Also Vitamix is made in the USA. And even though Ninja is designed in the USA, it is manufactured in China. Ninja is a great start and if money is an issue Ninja will still give you a chance to improve your health with smoothies. However the main thing to remember that even if you do not currently have a blender, it should not stop you from eating healthy. You can always eat a simple fruit salad instead.

Below are pictures showing the difference between the Ninja and Vitamix

Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender










Vitamix (5200 Series Blender)










Blade inside of the Vitamix (Metal Blade)











Bottom of the Vitamix Pitcher (Metal Parts)














Ninja Blade and foundation (mostly plastic)













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